The Journey Begins

During this time, we are working on our home study. What does a home study entail? Here are a few things we had to prepare:

  • physicals
  • fire audit
  • fire escape plan
  • safety audit
  • driver’s licenses
  • social security cards
  • health insurance
  • auto insurance
  • health forms signed by doctors
  • well water test
  • BCI & FBI checks
  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificate
  • tax returns
  • proof of income
  • financial form
  • utility bills
  • references
  • adoption culture class
  • book list of reading + homework
  • adoption online class

“Keep calm and fill out the next form!”


Well, once all this paperwork comes together, this picture resembles the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though the paperwork trail seems like a daunting task right now, there’s a purpose and a plan behind ALL of it! 

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