The Decision to Adopt

yes yes yesThe decision to adopt is filled with numerous responses of ‘yes.’ It is filled with many steps of faith and decisions along the way. As we began the process of adoption, we said ‘yes’ and we continue to say ‘yes’ to this decision. What does this mean?

Yes, let’s NOT pursue medical procedures for infertility.

Yes, let’s pursue adoption.

Yes, to adoption through a private agency.

Yes, to domestic adoption and children in our state that need a family.

Yes, to an agency in our state that wants to work alongside expectant mothers.

Yes, to an agency that uses ethical adoption practices.

Yes, to a pre-application and forms collecting personal information.

Yes, to the policies and costs associated with the agency.

Yes, to a home study, social worker, background checks, fingerprinting, the fire department doing a fire inspection of our house, and water inspection (since we have well water).

Yes, to reading, research, and adoption education.

Yes, to different races, male or female, and different medical scenarios.

Yes, to an open adoption relationship with the expectant mother [and family].

Yes, to filling out personal information for adoption grants. (Yes, to the grant organizations as we retell our journey to adoption and why we want to adopt.)

Yes, to a situation that our agency presents to us before they meet with an expectant mother and say ‘yes’ you may present our family profile book to the expectant mother.


Agency responds that the mother chose another family.

This last section has been on repeat for us:  Yes to grant applications. Yes to the agency and expectant mothers. Period of waiting. Repeat.

When an adoptive family grows their family through adoption, they continue to say ‘yes’ many, many times. It is a continual commitment towards something that they have been called to do and they have dedicated themselves to this journey.

Adoption is not for the faint of heart. It is not a quick and fleeting idea. It is a decision we made as a couple, together through prayer and MANY steps of faith.






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